Friday, September 14, 2012

Most Popular Directors

So, I'm deciding to start a blog. Everyone rejoice! Just kidding. Seriously though, I've been wanting to start a blog for a while Just never got around to it. I am starting it now because I am planning on releasing the results of The Media Machine's Most Popular Movie Survey in the near future. I thought it would be easier to do it on a blog than just posting them one by one on Facebook. This blog will not just be dealing with Media Machine news, but I will probably cover a lot of different things. Just read the description of the blog and you will get it. My first blog, though, will deal with Media Machine news and the survey we held. I am not going to release the results for which movies were picked yet. I will do that at a later date. However, I did want to release some tidbits of information from the survey. One of the things I have done is I have marked down the directors of each movie that has been chosen. So far there have been over 300 movies chosen by and there have been a number of directors. Here is the list of the top 20 directors that appear on this survey. This list shows the directors who have the most movies that have been selected by voters. By the way, it looks like it is safe to say that the director who is holding the top spot right now will probably stay at number one once the voting stops. So, I'm giving you some of the directors and I now I want to see if you can guess which films of theirs appear on the list. Some might be easy to guess.

Top Directors on The Media Machine Movie Poll
Directors Number of Movies
Steven Spielberg 11
Christopher Nolan 6
The Coen Brothers 5
James Cameron 4
Peter Jackson 4
Stanley Kubrick 4
Akira Kurosawa 3
Chris Columbus 3
Danny Boyle 3
Edward Zwick 3
Francis Ford Coppola 3
Frank Capra 3
John Hughes 3
John Landis 3
Martin Scorsese 3
Quentin Tarantino 3
Richard Donner 3
Robert Zemeckis 3
Spike Lee 3
Woody Allen 3

In case you have not done our survey of the Most Popular Movie, then you should follow this link below and fill it out. Just give us your name and your top ten favorite movies of all time. If you cannot do that then just list ten movies you love.

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